If you ping blog.xianqu.org, you may find that I’ve already move it to a new host which you are visiting now. Why?

  • It’s wonderful to have my own VPS. I’d like to try some SA work.
  • I decided to deploy a sample app on a VPS after I had gone through the amazing Rails Tutorial book.

Anyway, I must say thank you to my friend @clippit who has provided me with a virtual host during the last two years.

It’s not easy for me, a beginner, to setup a Linux server for the first time. I googled a lot and spent a whole night dealing with various problems. Fortunately, all things go well now. I created a simple gist for those who are curious about these.

By the way, the new site is running on DigitalOcean. Here’s a referral code link if you are interested in the VPS service.